Brixton boy made good. Born the first child to

Anne Patricia a ballet dancer and Ken William

Collins a musician in an upstairs flat in Brixton

south London close to the prison.

There were two additions to the family Ian his

brother and then Clare his sister. It was a tough

upbringing with many challenges on the way.

The family moved from Brixton to nearby

Streatham where Mark although a good achiever

initially at school, soon found himself drawn to street gangs and the local Romany gypsy site, taking up boxing at 14 years old. After being moved around schools and often in trouble with the local authorities including the police, Mark left education early to make his impact on the world.

After many years working as a bricklayer, minder and running a car breakers yard plus many other varied occupations, Mark became a born again Christian on the 20th of November 2001 following his apperance on a BBC2 series Confidence Lab. After this life changing experience, Mark turned first to writing/film making (working in different positions on the crew) and then acting. You could say it was destiny, as he had no intention of taking that path until asked to jump from behind the camera, to in front of it, playing a bar man with a few lines on a film called Brown shot on 35mm, when an actor failed to show one day. Mark slowly made the transition to acting after being told on a number of occasions that it was something that he should pursue and at the tender age of 51 started to really focus in that area. His playing age is usually around 40 years old and is often cast as the anti-hero/villian but can breath life into any character.

2010 - present
2010 - present

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