'Black Russian' Feature Film directed by Chris Barfoot: Cutter The Nutter

'Ordinarily Unthinkable' Feature Film Promo directed by D J King: The Priest

'Morbius' Feature Film directed byDaniel Espinosa: Officer Clark

'Running Out Of Time' Music Video directed by Reuben Mowle: Street Preacher

'Private Lives' TV directed by Bruce Burgess: Hans Lammers
'Corner Man' Film Pitch directed by Ben Hyland: Saul
'Hide Go Seek' Film directed by Chris Barfoot: V. Romanavitz
'Scout Badge' Short Film directed by Tina Vidmar: S.M. Koop
'Invisible' Web Series directed by Ryan Whitehouse: Casey
'Frontline' Short Film directed by James Baines: Nasty Nice

'Leo' Short Film directed by Max Harding : Pete

'WW2 Murders' TV Doc directed by B Burgess :Dr Webster

'Nihilist Engine' directed by Noomi Spook : Mechanic

'Majestys Leisure' Web series directed by MC: Wilf Slipley


'Clutter' Short Film Directed by Kieran Thompson: Autistic Lead

'When Dom Met Tony' Short Film Directed by Jonell Rowe : Tony Mercury

"Greedy Pigs" commercial directed by Richard Humphries : Ref

'Flawless' Short Film directed by Oliver Efesopoulos : Jordan

'Cats' Short directed by Mathew Wilson : Henry

'Undercover Hooligan' Feature Film directed by Nicholas Winter : PC Sommers

BASSA Short directed by Daniel Alexander : Detective Wilson

Suspicion II, TV Series, October Films : American Police, Desk Sargent, (American accent)

'The Hitmans Bodyguard' feature film directed by Patrick Hughes : Garretts Officer-GIPN (scene with Samuel L Jackson)

'The Men Who Sank The Bank of England', feature film directed by Pete Benson : Squat Bailiff

Virgin Trains Marathon Commercial : Paramedic

'Submission' Short Film directed by Simon Burgess : Charles Grayson Irish MMA coach/father

'Last Light' Short Film Directed by Dan Tonkin : Vic (Lead Actor)

'Denial' Feature Film Directed by Mick Jackson : Neo Nazi (Scene with Timothy Spall)

'From Syria' Short Film Directed by Lauri Korpela : Geoff (Lead Actor)

'SKIN' Film directed by Megan Freestone: Clive Stubbs

'Life Outside The Frame' Short/TV Pilot Directed by Julian Palmer : Bar Man Bill

'Matchbox' Short Film directed by Harry Jackson : Mark Skinhead/Police Officer

'Innovation Birmingham' Corporate/promo Director Lewis Cater : Garage Buyer


'The Cleaner' Short Film Directed by Jose Garcia Rivadulla-Rey : Police Detective (Lead Support)

'Break' Short Film Directed by Riyadh Haque : Kevin (lead Actor)

'Gospel Dance' Music Video Directed by Obi Emelonye : Dancer (White Man Can Dance)

'You'll Never Find Me' Music Video Directed by Christian Brown : Avenger (lead Actor)

'In Cube' Feature Film Directed by Keir Siewert : Roger (Supporting Lead) Astrids Landlord

'Hooligan Legacy' Feature Film Directed by Nicholas Winter : Arresting Police Officer (arresting lead character)

'War Machine' Feature Film Directed by David Michod : Parisian (restaurant scene with Brad Pitt)

Karly & Clive : Clive (Lead)

Crisis : Ben (supporting lead, wife murderer)

Tester : Mr C (Henchman, lead)

Blood Is Thicker : Ahaz (Lead)

Betway : Mark (Football supporter)

Solar Box : Man on phone (supporting lead)

Stay : Dan (Brother, supporting lead)

The Target : Bodyguard #1

Sweet Meats : Gary (Landlord, supporting lead)

Mission Impossible; Rogue Nation : Belarus (with Tom Cruise, scene cut)

Dear Andie : Dr Philips (supporting lead)

Lucky Man : Fraud Squad Detective

60 Second War : Ravenwood (Head of CIA)

The Tunnel : Inspector IPGN (French speaking head of internal investigations)

Holby City : Patient (featured)

© 2016 by Mark C Collins

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